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The ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa occupies an entirely unique position in Karlovy Vary. It is found in the spa’s historical centre, directly across from the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda) and its therapeutic mineral springs, and near other colonnades, principal monuments, and other attractions of our picturesque city.

You will not find anywhere better for your stay.

Accommodation in Karlovy Vary

The ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa has 144 rooms in five connected buildings as part of the Astoria complex as well as at Depandance Wolker, standing only 300 metres away.  All buildings are situated in the city’s monument zone – Depandance Wolker is also a listed cultural monument.

Spas in Karlovy Vary

We build on the tradition of therapeutic spa treatments in Karlovy Vary that developed at the beginning of the 20th century, treating patients and helping improve their health. Treatment is based on thermal mineral water fed directly into our balneotherapy premises… „more“



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